You mustn't use the phone in class
You mustn't eat in class
You mustn't run along the corridor
You mastn't go to the bayroom between class and class
You mustn't shout
You mustn't ampoy your classmates
You mustn't throw rubbish on the floor
You must do your homework everyday

DIALOGO and description

A) how many brothers and sisters have you got?
B) I' ve got one brother 
A) how often does he do sport?
B) he plays football once a week
A) and you
B) I play basketball twice a week
A) nothing else!
B) In my opinion between classes, homework and institute We don't have much time for anything else 
A)I agree with you


Manolo is my brother, he is nine years old. he is very tall for his age, but he isn't very strong. he likes sport and cartoons. he is very good at language.  I like my brother manolo and I like sharing things whith

the bank robbery and holidays

the bank robbery
breaking news : a man robbedin a banck and kills several bank workess. A suspect is being investigated.
A) Well let's start, Where were you yester day from 8 to 9?
B) I mas at my house around 7:30, dressing to go out for a drink after to get some money from fhe cashier.
A) so if you agree that you went to the bank?
B) yes, but around 7:45, just before the bank robbery, I went to a bar on the beach.
A) then you will have the bill ticket.
B) yes, I have it here you are
A) you are not the gilty
I would like to trabel to China.

I would like to see the chinese wall. It is the biggest in the world, and I would like to try chinese Noodles because They are the tastiest of all.
i would like to see the emperor's temple that its probably the biggest in china but I woudn't like to travel to Russia because it's very cold, Russia is colder than China and less beautiful than China, Russia is bigger than China but I think that learn Russian is easier than chinese.

diálogo utilizando los verbos LIKE, LOVE, HATE

diálogo utilizando los verbos LIKE, LOVE, HATE...
B: can you recommend a book for me to read ?
A: what types of books do you like?
B: I like comedies books
A:so you should read Mortadelo and Filemon, they are too funny .
B: who are the main characters ?
A:It´s about two secret agents 
B:That sounds interesting enough

news for the newspaper and biography

news for the newspaper

Irving and LeBron defend the land Irving scored 40 points and LeBron James added 31 with 11 assists and 10 rebounds to power the Cavaliers over Golden State 137-116 Friday, averting what would have been a historic win and NBA Finals sweep for the Warriors.

biographyJohnny Depp
He was born in a city called Owensboro, Kentucky and on on 9th June 1963. his profession is to be an actor but he is also a producer, director, screenwriter and American musician.  He has won many prizes such as three Oscars and a Golden Globe Award, a prize from the Actors Guild and a Cesar.
He began his career in film in 1984, his first film was a horror movie called Nightmare on Elm Street.

He is tall, dark, with a moustache and beard, his eyes are brown.